The grand science fantasy tabletop roleplaying game!

A storytelling game about heroic and villainous characters
unleashed in a galaxy filled with adventure.

A Universe of Imagination™ awaits...

The MAGIC FRONTIERS™ Universe is an epic realm brimming with the enchantment and excitement of lasers, swords, and wizardry, where whirling galaxies hold countless worlds of danger, mystery, and adventure. Civilizations reach out into endless space in starships and ancient powers awaken as alien races collide in the vast darkness.

Robots toil to serve the organic population across the stars, but many of them are self aware and self serving. They choose their own path towards fame and fortune. Chief among these digital forms are magnificent living machines, the bionics, and the special automatons, robotic technology's finest advancement capable of altering their shape and function. Then there are the cyborgs with rough spirits and bodies forged from the struggle of melding flesh and circuitry.

Whispers drift across rooftops, shadows race past torchlight, intruders lurk in hidden passageways. The life of thieves is one of stealth and slight of hand. To the clever go the spoils of ill-gotten treasure pillaged or pilfered from the unaware.

The clang of gold, the rustle of money, the shimmer of gems. Merchants trade and barter all manner of goods and services in the face of smugglers whose illegal dealings wreak havoc on legit commerce. But if someone crosses a rival once too often, a daring or merciless bounty hunter stands ready to bring them to questionable justice dead or alive.
Around the great campfire of civilization, many dwell at the edge of the illumination where flickering flames touch eternal night. These scavengers thrive where others would quickly fall. They learn to travel silently and to fight in savage ways.

Some souls hear the calling of something greater than themselves and follow their heart to all the places of light or shadow on the perilous path to enlightenment. These enforcers develop a code which guides them along that journey and endows them with strange powers to aid their driving cause.

The lure of combat is fierce. Warriors and soldiers hone their natural skill to predator-like sharpness. With armor and weaponry, these conquerors seek the glory and infamy of the battlefield.

Build it, fix it, make it even better. Tear it down, rework it, try and try again. Know-how is power. Technology repairs and breaks down even those who attain mastery over machines. For bane or boon, the wise and foolhardy unleash scientific knowledge and mischief.

Mountains rise, oceans overflow, planets die in blazing fury. All at the command of those who utter the mysterious, the secrets of the universe unlocked. By gesture and voice, they summon the invisible to do the miraculous. Wonders and feats beyond even dreams. The magic-wielders, the mystics, the unearthly shamans...
MAGIC FRONTIERS™ is a science fantasy tabletop roleplaying game for 2-10 people. One person is designated the referee who oversees the adventures for players who assume the roles of characters to confront challenges on their way to fame or infamy among the stars. Characters range from humans with special powers to robotic creations with mysterious hardware to alien beings with extraordinary natural gifts.

Adventures last as long as you wish - minutes or hours. You can play and pick up where you leave off whenever you want to. The fun can keep going for days, weeks, or longer, while providing creative entertainment and great memories shared with friends as characters journey into the unknown together.

Additional players can join at any point to enjoy all or part of the evolving story. If a character perishes during an adventure, players can create another and rejoin whenever the referee weaves the new adventurer into the unfolding tale.

Learning to play MAGIC FRONTIERS™ is easy and fun. The game offers a wide range of options and engages your imagination to sculpt every aspect of the adventures to your liking from starships and vehicles to creatures and characters.
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